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Ike Bradley

born: 11/02/1884, Liverpool
died: 05/05/1951

Fight History
67 (KO's 53)
Divisions fought in

Ike Bradley's career spanned more than 400 contests between 1901 and 1917, and he was the first Liverpool boxer to challenge for the world title, against Digger Stanley in 1911: Stanley won the 20-round contest on points, but nevertheless suffered two broken hands, and survived a 14-second count in the fourth round. Earlier in his career, Bradley had fought Willy Gill for the Liverpool title - Gill won on points having been saved by the bell in round nine, but Bradley knocked his rival out in the first round of the rematch. He also managed a sixth-round knockout against Manchester's Willy Collins, previously unbeaten and rated as highly as the reigning world champion, Joe Bowker. Other notable achievements came in being invited to fight at the National Sporting Club without the usual trial; beating Harry Stone to become 8st champion of England; three times beating Jack Gyons, the first man ever to beat Bowker; and beating former world bantanweight and lightweight champion George Dixon (who, admittedly, was heavily drunk on the night of the fight).

Ike Bradley with Paddy Carroll
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