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Hogan Bassey

aka '"Kid"'

born: 03/06/1932, Calabar, Nigeria
died: 26/01/1998

Fight History
59 (KO's 21)
Divisions fought in

Okon Bassey Asuquo was the eldest of five sons of a Nigerian chief. He became a professional boxer at 16, and won renown for his heart and for his ability to deliver a knockout punch with either hand. He became Nigerian and West African flyweight champion, before following them up with the same crowns at bantamweight in 1951. In December 1951, Bassey came to Liverpool, where he soon became a popular figure. In 1955, he won the Empire featherweight crown, and put another feather in his cap by beating Cherif Hamia for the vacant world title in Paris in 1957, recovering from a second-round knockdown to stop his opponent in round 10. He thus became Nigeria's first ever boxing world champion. He held the title for two years, losing to the tragic Davey Moore in March 1959, and retiring after losing a rematch five months later. For his efforts in promoting Nigerian sport and Nigerian boxing to the outside world, Bassey was named Nigeria's greatest athlete of the twentieth century.

Hogan 'Kid' Bassey
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