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Gus Foran

born: 15/10/1919, Liverpool
died: 24/11/1991

Fight History
54 (KO's 23)
Divisions fought in

Gerard Foran (the name "Gus" was given him in the early 1930s by journalist Jack Hutchinson, because the boxer was referred to as "G Foran" on an amateur boxing programme) began boxing at seven and turned professional in 1939. However, the Second World War had already broken out, and Foran was drafted into the Royal Navy, though he still fought when he got the chance: his opponents included Jackie Paterson (whom he beat on points in 1945), Peter Kane and Kid Tanner. In 1948, Foran won the Northern Area title at the Liverpool Stadium against Manchester's Billy Tansey. After this victory, he was set to challenge Stan Rowan at Anfield for the British title, but Rowan instead went to South Africa to (unsuccesfully) defend his Empire crown, and relinquished the Lonsdale Belt on his return: the vacant title was then contested between Danny O'Sullivan and Teddy Gardiner, the latter of whom Foran had previously beaten. In 1950, Foran won the Central Area title, but was again denied a chance at the British crown: he retired the following year.

Gus Foran
5 April 1946

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5 April 1946
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