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Dom Volante

aka 'Don Volante'

born: 15/01/1905, Liverpool
died: 1982

Fight History
95 (KO's 55)
Divisions fought in

Dom Volante ranks among Liverpool's greatest boxers. He grew up in Gerrard Street (Liverpool's "Little Italy"), near Scotland Road. He turned professional in 1922 after just one amateur contest. He fought many top boxers, notably having four fights against Nel Tarleton, one of which he won: he also beat Johnny Curley, Johnny Cuthbert, Harry Corbett and Seaman Tommy Watson (Volante knocked him down 13 times, including five first-round counts, en route to a fifth-round stoppage for Watson's first defeat): like Tarleton, all of these fighters held the British title at some time or another. Indeed, Volante was unlucky to fight in the same era as these men, whose presence ensured he would never win the British title. He earned a challenge against Sheffield's Cuthbert in 1930 at the London Olympia: Volante performed superbly and many thought he won the fight, but Cuthbert rallied dramatically in the final round to swing the referee's verdict. Volante retired on medical advice in 1933, though he did make a brief comeback three years later.

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