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Peter Kane

aka 'Peter Kain'

born: 28/02/1918, Heywood, Lancashire
died: 23/07/1991

Fight History
89 (KO's 54)
Divisions fought in

Peter Cain's family moved to Golborne when he was three years old. He turned professional aged 16 and, though he was not from Liverpool, most of his fights were at the Stadium. In 1937, aged just 19, Kane won the Northern Area title and later that year, challenged Benny Lynch for the world crown, only to suffer his first defeat as he was knocked out in the 13th round. After Lynch vacated the title because of weight problems, Kane fought against Jackie Kurich at Anfield in September 1938 for the right to become the new champion: the Lancashire fighter won on points, despite damaging the knuckle of his right-hand little finger, causing it to be later amputated. Because of the Second World War, Kane did not defend his title until 1943, when he promptly lost it. Kane won the European bantamweight crown in 1947. A year later, he lost it, and retired that year after losing against Stan Rowan in a British title eliminator. Remarkably, he was never British champion at either flyweight or bantamweight.

Peter Kane's training camp 1930s
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Peter Kane v Benny Lynch at Anfield March 1938. The 15 round contest ended in a draw but the 35,000 Liverpool crowd thought otherwise.Peter Kane v Benny Lynch