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Cuthbert and Tarleton

Johnny Cuthbert and Nel Tarleton weighing in before their British Featherweight Championship Contest at Anfield 1 October 1931. Johnny Best is standing next to Tarleton, Ted Broadribb is next to Best. Broadribb was manager to Volante and Tarleton.

The Cuthbert/Tarleton fight for the British Featherweight title was the first time boxing had been held at Anfield. Cuthbert and Tarleton had previously met at Pudsey Street, 6 November 1930, with the contest ending in a draw. The referee's verdict was controversial as many thought Tarleton had done enough to win the fight. A draw, however, meant that Cuthbert retained the title. Tarleton made no mistake at his second attempt to beat Cuthbert. Tarleton convincingly outpointed the champion over 15 rounds. In doing so Tarleton became the first Liverpool boxer to win the Lonsdale Belt.

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