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A key part of this website is to catalogue and give context to photographs, documents and other archival objects that help to represent Merseyside's rich boxing heritage.

The entire database can be searched from this page. Enjoy exploring our archive, and if you have any images or memorabilia you would like to contribute we would be very pleased to hear from you.

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June 1957
 Charlie Fox inspects the future champion
June 1957
 With Sherif Hamia
6 August 1959
 Bassey and Moore sign contracts.
18 April 1958
 Hogan Bassey with Dick Tiger
January 1955
 Sandy Manuel
8 January 1959, Liverpool Stadium
 Sandy Manuel v Albert Carroll
8 January 1959 at the Liverpool Stadium
 Sandy Manuel v Albert Carroll

 Boxing Bill 29 March 1933

 Alan Rudkin shows off his Lonsdale Belt

 Jimmy Stewart

 Wally Thom with Lonsdale Belt

 Wally Thom

 Johnny Basham

 Ike Bradley with Paddy Carroll

 Ike Bradley as a young boy

 A tattooed Ike Bradley

 Onboard the RMS Britannic

 Picture with biography
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Fred Miller vs. Nel Tarleton at Anfield
John Conteh vs Len Hutchins 2/2
Peter Kane v Benny Lynch
Alan Rudkin tribute to Lionel Rose