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Liverpool Football Club

When Pudsey Street Closed in 1931 Liverpool was left without a major boxing venue. In the period between its closure and opening of the Liverpool Stadium in October 1932 Johnny Best promoted major boxing tournaments at Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club. The first major contest to be held there, 1 October 1931, was the British Featherweight title fight between the champion Johnny Cuthbert and Nel Tarleton. Tarleton won the contest on points over 15 rounds to become the first Liverpool boxer to win a Lonsdale Belt. Boxing continued at Anfield until March 1949: the last major show featured Stan Rowan who defeated Jackie Paterson to win the British Bantamweight title.


British Featherweight Title Fight at Anfield, 1 October 1931. There was a 30,000 crowd for the first ever boxing promotion at Anfield.
 Tarleton v Cuthbert programme cover
Johnny Cuthbert and Nel Tarleton weighing in before their British Featherweight Championship Contest at Anfield 1 October 1931.

Johnny Best is standing next to Tarleton, Ted Broadribb is next to Best. Broadribb was manager to Volante and Tarleton.
 Cuthbert and Tarleton
Anfield 17, March 1932
 Nel Tarleton v Al Foreman
Photo shows an attack by Tarleton landing a body punch.
 Freddie Miller v Nel Tarleton


Fred Miller vs. Nel Tarleton at Anfield
Peter Kane v Benny Lynch