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Joe Curran

born: 27/04/1915, Liverpool
died: 1984

Joe Curran began boxing at 12 and turned professional at 16. He was renowned for his courage and for the sheer number of his fights, including three against Peter Kane (losing them all) and four against the great Jackie Paterson (Curran lost three of those fights, including one for the British, Empire and world flyweight titles in Glasgow in 1946). In 1937, Curran received a Certificate of Merit from the BBBofC for a superb points victory over Dave Keller in London. In the Second World War, he narrowly escaped death during the Dunkirk evacuation: he was a fireman on the "Lancastria" which, while rescuing British soldiers, was bombed by the Luftwaffe: Curran and the other survivors were then machine-gunned repeatedly as they waited in the sea to be rescued. Yet for all his undoubted ability, he never won a title of any kind: he must rank as one of the finest undecorated fighters - he was unlucky to face Paterson at his peak and to fight in an era of great depth in the flyweight division. He retired in 1948.

Fight History
85 (KO's 32)
Divisions fought in


 Joe Curran Publicity Shot