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Peter Banasko

born: 1915, Liverpool
died: 1993

Peter Banasko played a pioneering role in the history of boxing on Merseyside, as one of the first black boxers from the region to gain prominence, blazing a trail that would later be followed by John Conteh, among others. He took up the sport aged 13. Turning professional at 17, he was knocked out in round one of his debut, but then won his next 40 contests. However, Banasko was denied the chance to fight for a British title, because he was black. His last fight came in 1940, when he was stopped in the first round, traumatised over the death in the night's previous contest of a young boxer Banasko had spoken to in the dressing room: shortly afterwards he was called up into the army, and following his discharge in 1945 became a manager. He played a key role in bringing Hogan "Kid" Bassey and Dick Tiger to Liverpool. Sadly, his involvement in boxing ended on a sour note in 1953, when Bassey told him he wanted a new manager: distraught, Banasko resigned his manager's licence.

Fight History
40 (KO's 11)
Divisions fought in


 Tarleton v Miller

 Peter Banasko