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Sandy Manuel

born: 09/08/1932, Lagos, Nigeria
died: 2002

Emmanuel Olu Fumilola Babarinsa took up boxing aged eight. Turning professional in 1949, he changed his name, and in 1952 he moved to Liverpool, and became a favourite at the Liverpool Stadium. Mick Leahy, who had fought an admittedly fading Sugar Ray Robinson, rated Manuel the best boxer he had ever faced. At the age of 21, Manuel moved up from lightweight to welterweight. However, despite or (more likely) because of the fact that he was ranked in the world's top 10, many boxers refused to fight him, so he never fought for the title that his talent merited. As a result, Manuel retired aged just 28: two years later, he tried to make a comeback, but the BBBofC told him he was to old to renew his licence - in later years, Manuel asked the Board for financial help when he was suffering from arthritis, and it inexplicably refused to acknowledge that he had ever been a professional boxer. In retirment, Manuel became the secretary of the Merseyside Former Boxers Association, a position he held until his death.

Fight History
42 (KO's 17)
Divisions fought in


January 1955
 Sandy Manuel
8 January 1959, Liverpool Stadium
 Sandy Manuel v Albert Carroll
8 January 1959 at the Liverpool Stadium
 Sandy Manuel v Albert Carroll