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Jem Mace

aka 'The Gypsy'

born: 18/04/1831, Beeston, Norfolk
died: 30/01/1910

Although Jem Mace, the last Briton to win a world title without gloves, hailed from Norfolk, he had a long association with Liverpool, beginning with the Liverpool Olympics in the 1860s, where he served as an instructor and a judge. In 1865, the organisers of the Liverpool Olympics, John Hulley and Charles Melly, invited Mace to become the boxing instructor at the newly-opened Liverpool Gymnasium. In 1866, Mace became English heavyweight champion by beating Joe Goss at Purfleet: on his return to Liverpool, more than 10,000 turned out to greet him at Lime Street station, and carried him through the streets on their shoulders. Mace returned to Liverpool several times for exhibition contests, and following his death at Jarrow, his body was brought back to Liverpool and buried in a pauper's grave at Anfield Cemetery. In 2003, following the efforts of the Merseyside Former Boxers Association, a headstone was belatedly erected over Mace's grave.

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 Jem Mace's Championship Belt

 Jem Mace's trophies

 Jem Mace

 Jem Mace with Andrew Jeptha (sitting down)
The grave of Jem Mace is in Anfield Cemetery.
 Jem Mace's Headstone

 At Jem's Graveside